Widening and Deepening the Conversation on Climate Risk and Resilience

By Jeff Dunsavage, Senior Research Analyst, Triple-I (04/26/2022)

With climate-related risks driving ever-increasing losses and generating daily headlines, it’s more important than ever for government, the private sector, and academia to engage with each other publicly in ways that shed light on these challenges to illuminate a path forward. A recent webinar presented by The Institutes’ Griffith Insurance Education  in collaboration with the Insurance Regulators Education Foundation (IREF) facilitated exactly that kind of interaction.

The conversation – exploring the climate risk landscape and discussion how insurers and regulators are responding – featured Dr. Benjamin Collier, assistant professor of Risk, Actuary Science, and Legal Studies, Temple University; Triple-I CEO Sean Kevelighan; and Michael Peterson, deputy commissioner on Climate and Sustainability for the California Department of Insurance. The hour-long event covered a range of topics, with a particular emphasis on the implications of climate risk and resilience for insurance industry solvency, so essential to individual, business, and community risk strategies.

An excerpt of the webinar appears below, and the whole session can be watched at