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Data, Tech Promising for Flood Risk, but Groundwater May Change the Equation

Max Dorfman, Research Writer, Triple-I, 1/18/2022 A recent report by broker Marsh McLennan offers a variety of approaches to address […]

Commercial Property Flood-Risk Study Underscores Climate-Related Economic Peril

By Jeff Dunsavage, Senior Research Analyst, Triple-I (01/04/2022) Nearly 730,000 commercial and multi-unit residential properties in the contiguous United States […]

Northern California, Pacific Northwest Slammed as ‘Bomb Cyclone’, ‘Atmospheric River’ Follow Fires

Jeff Dunsavage, Senior Research Analyst, Triple-I (10/27/2021) Powerful storms drenched fire-scarred Northern California and the Pacific Northwest over the weekend, […]

Using Technology and Data to Promote Hurricane and Flood Resilience

By Max Dorfman, Research Writer, Triple-I (10/21/2021) A convergence of extreme-weather risks and demographic trends has been driving hurricane and […]

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Flood: An Insurable Peril That’s Underinsured

By John Novaria, Managing Director, Amplify, 9/23/2021 This year’s hurricanes have served as a wakeup call about the importance of […]