Webinar: Improving Safety After an Earthquake

The Earthquake Country Alliance (ECA) will host a webinar on improving safety after an earthquake. The webinar is part of ECA’s Safer At Home Webinar Series.

Date:   Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Time:   11am – 12:15pm PDT 
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During the webinar the experts listed below will discuss what to do immediately after earthquakes, including:

  • Maintaining personal safety
  • Being alert for aftershocks (and what to expect)
  • Evacuating to high ground or inland, if shaking is felt near the coastline or an official tsunami warning is issued)
  • Communicating and staying informed
  • Helping the injured
  • Preventing further injuries or damage


Janet Ruiz (Director – Strategic Communications, Insurance Information Institute & Media Bureau Coordinator, Earthquake Country Alliance Bay Area)

Margaret Vinci (Manager, Caltech Office of Earthquake Programs & Chair, Earthquake Country Alliance Southern California)

Morgan Page (Research Geophysicist, USGS)

Glen Granholm (Vice President, Safe-T-Proof)

Scott O’Connell (Regional Preparedness Officer, American Red Cross Central California Region)

Yvette LaDuke (Tsunami Planning Coordinator, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services)

Posted on 10/23/20 by Maria Sassian