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Flood Protection Needs to Be More Sustainable; FEMA’s Risk Rating 2.0 Is Part of the Solution

Jeff Dunsavage, Senior Research Analyst, Triple-I 04/06/21 The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) last week unveiled details of Risk Rating […]

Severe Weather Preparedness Week: Flood

By Scott Holeman, Director of Media Relations, Triple-I 3/5/21 Flash flooding is the leading cause of thunderstorm related deaths in […]

Floods, Freezing, Other Extreme Weather Highlight Need for Planning and Insurance

Jeff Dunsavage, Senior Research Analyst, Triple-I 3/4/21 Recent flooding in Kentucky “is going to be one that goes into the […]

Study Quantifies Climate Change Impact on Flood Losses

Jeff Dunsavage, Senior Research Analyst, Triple-I 2/25/21 A new study from the nonprofit First Street Foundation projects the impact climate […]

Stanford Study Reinforces Case for Improved Flood-Risk Mitigation in a Warming World

Jeff Dunsavage, Senior Research Analyst, Triple-I Intensifying rainfall fueled by climate change over the past 30 years has caused nearly […]

Expanded Triple-I Flood Risk Maps Provide Richer Perspective

Jeff Dunsavage, Senior Research Analyst, Triple-I01/11/2021 The Triple-I Resilience Accelerator’s flood risk visualization tool is being enhanced with: National Flood […]

Study: Extremes in snow-melt flooding and drought tied to climate change

By Maria Sassian, Research Director, Triple-I 12/29/2020 When people think about flooding brought about by climate change, chances are they […]

Why every home is at risk for flooding

The CNBC segment above reports on the increasing number of catastrophic storms in recent years, which have been exacerbated by […]

Fundamentals of Flood Insurance

10/02/2020 The FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Independent Study Program offers online training classes in fundamentals of flood insurance to […]

If It Can Rain, It Can Flood: Buy Flood Insurance

As rivers swollen by Hurricane Sally’s rains have devastated parts of the Florida Panhandle and south Alabama, the storm’s remnants […]