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Wildfire reality check: Tips for protecting your home

Wildfire season is well underway with millions of U.S. properties at risk. Triple-I and the American Property Casualty Insurance Association […]

Safeguard your business from wildfires: Allianz and Triple-I team up on mitigation

With business owners facing the ‘new normal’ of a seven-month wildfire season, compounded by rising temperatures, public safety power shutoffs, […]

Wildfires and insurance: Learn how to prepare financially

Another wildfire season has begun. Almost 4.5 million U.S. homes are at high or extreme risk of wildfire, with more […]

Zurich North America’s report on California wildfires: Investing in resilience is key

A new report by Zurich North America, in collaboration with DuPont and the nonprofit Institute for Social and Environmental Transition […]

Fighting wildfires with innovation – white paper

The 2017 and 2018 wildfire seasons were a catastrophic shock to communities, legislators, and insurance companies. This was most evident […]

Insurance for wildfires: Make sure you’re prepared for a fire with adequate coverage

If the area in which you live is at risk for wildfires, make sure to take appropriate measures to protect your […]

Triple-I Background on Wildfires

Fire plays an important role in the life of a forest, clearing away dead wood and undergrowth to make way […]